Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?

Echo of an Unknown Time

Author: Michelle

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?Hello fellow travelers, seekers, and lovers of histories and mysteries! I have an interesting one for you . It‘s controversial and intriguing! Did you know that the United States has its very own Stonehenge? No? Well, my dear hubby and I went to see it for ourselves on October 30, 2016. Now, don’t get the idea that there are 30 foot stones set in concentric circles like the Stonehenge in England. The similarities begin and end with large stones, (although not quite as massive) which mark astronomical events and it appears ancient. That’s about it, however, just as fascinating and unexplained.

I don’t want to give you all a full history of this site. I will post a link at the bottom and you can investigate the theories, stories, and controversies at your leisure. I want to share our experience and feeling with the hope that it may inspire others to see for themselves!

So follow us into the woods in Salem, New Hampshire…

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?

Nestled amongst the trees, scattered over about 30 acres, on a small hill is a magical place. Michael and I arrived on a cool fall morning and were swept away into nature and history. We strolled up the log building to pay our modest entrance fee and there we saw some interesting pieces of evidence, watched a video on the history of the discovery, received a guide with a map, then opened the door and stepped into another world and another time.

The air was cool and crisp with only the music of nature as we followed the path to discovery. Not being that a remote of a location, (it’s pretty much in the middle of a neighborhood with highway off in the distance) I was truly amazed at how peaceful and quiet it was. Leaves rustling, birds chirping, an occasional alpaca call (yes they have alpacas!), and the gentle wind whistling through the trees were all we heard. I forgot we were in the modern world for a while which only, for me, enhanced the beauty and mystery of it all.

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?Winding along the path, stone structures start to appear. Low walls, stone tunnels, one stone embedded in a tree trunk that grew around it, and a drainage system are a just few of the sights that peaked our interest to experience more .

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?The “Sacrificial stone,” a large slab with gutters around the edges sparked curiosity about its use. Was it used for sacrifice? Did an animal’s or a person’s blood drain into the grooves? Or was is only used for soap making or an apple press, like some have suggested? Underneath the “table” is an eight foot long shaft leading down into a stone constructed tunnel not likely to be used for drainage. People have theorized this tunnel might have been used by priests to speak or sing through while rituals took place on the slab above. A chilling image to be sure. I could almost feel what it might have been like to be a witness to such an event.

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?But for me, the most fascinating of all the structures was the “observatory” as is it called today. In the center of an expanded ring of stones is a platform explaining the placement of each stone in relation to the heavens above and the marks of the seasons. To be there being able to touch the stones and to know that some civilization had a great understanding of our universe without the high-powered telescopes and computers to plot it all out was extremely humbling.

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?Of course , the mystery of this location lies with not really knowing who built it. I, personally, believe that ancient peoples, older than we are currently aware of, existed and had a vast knowledge that we may not have today. Some kind of knowledge of a connectedness of everyone and everything, an understanding of the importance of life and feel for the Earth and the heavens above that seem to have been forgotten. It seems impossible for some to believe that anything prior to what we know about peoples of ancient times, (who they were, where they were, what they knew) could be anything other the agreed upon information, but as with the 14,000 year old village just recently discovered in Canada, we still have much we don’t know about our planet or even our species.

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?Regardless, the history of places like this for me, don’t just speak to the ancient. Many feet walked this ground, many hands touched these rocks, and many different people lived in this location. From the Native American peoples to the people who live and protect this area now to the possibility of a people much further back in time, all have left an imprint on the landscape and all will always be a part of it. To me, that is the true history, the true magic. Even while we were there, I felt a desire to want to cherish it and protect it. So my question is this, does it really matter if we have so called proof of everything that went on in an area? Do we really need it spelled out for us in order to make it real? My suggestion is go see the amazing things there are on this planet.

20161031_124905-Massive-Boulder-300x200 Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?Go feel and experience for yourself. Connect with nature, with the past, and with the present. Be a part of life here. Then maybe, just maybe, we can gain a knowledge that is much deeper than evidence.

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