The Beginning of Sojourners’ Chronicles

New York City

Welcome. Let us be your guides.


I would rather have a passport full of stamps, than a house full of stuff.

Author: Michael

With that thought, we start Sojourner Chronicles… the tales of Michael, Michelle & Cameron as we travel the world, explore different cultures, and experience local cuisine.

20161029_002023-e1492476184678-300x244 The Beginning of Sojourners' ChroniclesWhat’s the point of all of this? Sojourner Chronicles wants to show people that you don’t have to be rich, or a penniless vagabond to travel and enjoy the world. With minimal research, saving and some HUGE life choices, anyone can enjoy traveling and enjoying more than the tourist traps.

Taking short exotic vacations and/or continental backpacking are great options for some people. Different trips work for different age groups and nationalities. We want to expand your travel vocabulary and destination options that many people are using today.

When people travel for a month at a time, some think they have give up comforts such things as a cold drink, hot showers and air conditioning. If you are smart and do some research, you can travel semi-comfortably and enjoy yourself at the same time. Would travelling be worth it if all you had to do is cut your expenses, go out to eat less and maybe save your money for a few months?

“I have kids”, “I have an important job”, “I can never take time that much time off”, “Travel is too expensive”, “Those countries are dangerous”. Until you travel to another country and experience the world through a new set of eyes, you will never know just how amazing people can be. Imagine a place you could visit where people look you in the eyes, smile and say Good morning! or Good Evening!? Or a place where a friend of an acquaintance offers you a ride to the next village to get groceries? And on the way back from your grocery run, imagine your “driver” stops at his house to offer you free coconuts or fruit from his family trees? By travelling with an open mind, you get a chance to enjoy another person’s culture and his family. This place could be France, Mexico or Thailand.

The three of us want to document these encounters with local people who will become great friends during and after the trip. We would also want to share our travels with you. The whole idea of traveling for most people is the social aspect. Who wants to travel alone?

20161029_002023-e1492476184678-300x244 The Beginning of Sojourners' Chronicles

Michael is the adventurer, sailor, photographer and crazy husband of Michelle. Mr. Adventure will show you the good and bad about travel destinations, give sailboat and powerboat cruisers tips on marinas, cruising pains in the butt, and meet new and interesting people along the way. Getting Michael to try new foods should be interesting.

20161029_002023-e1492476184678-300x244 The Beginning of Sojourners' Chronicles

Michelle is the people person, medical expert, head chef and the wife of Michael. She is always social and loves seeing what makes people tick. She wants to give our followers the feeling of the destination, a true sense of traveling to a beautiful place. She is also interested in the spiritual aspect of different locales. Hopefully some day she will bungee jump with the rest of us.

20161029_002023-e1492476184678-300x244 The Beginning of Sojourners' Chronicles

Cameron is our resident foodie and aspiring Gordon Ramsey wanna be. He wants to try out new foods and go where no taste buds have gone before… or at least his taste buds. He wants to learn different cooking methods and spices. Along the way, we will show Cameron other cultures and show him how the rest of the world lives.


There are wonders of this world that can only viewed in person. Some of these are the grandeur of the Great Pyramids, the sounds of Marrakesh, the awe inspiring beauty of the Northern Lights, and the breathtaking dance of dolphins swimming through bio-luminescent algae at night.

This is the start. THIS, is our dream. What’s Your Dream?

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