Travel Tips: Phone Cameras

Yucatan Aerial from Flight

Cell Phone Camera Settings and What is 60p? Author: Michael Hello Sojourners. How important is that camera on your phone? Very! My phone is one of the most important travel item that I use. Here’s why. Phones are getting more and more powerful everyday. But, with a little know how, your phone can be a very powerful tool. Yes, of course, you can check your Social media accounts, check email, and play games. But the best aspect of your phone is your tiny little camera on the back and the front.  If you want to snap photos of your kids or capture …

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Mysterious Stonehenge in USA?

Echo of an Unknown Time Author: Michelle Hello fellow travelers, seekers, and lovers of histories and mysteries! I have an interesting one for you . It‘s controversial and intriguing! Did you know that the United States has its very own Stonehenge? No? Well, my dear hubby and I went to see it for ourselves on October 30, 2016. Now, don’t get the idea that there are 30 foot stones set in concentric circles like the Stonehenge in England. The similarities begin and end with large stones, (although not quite as massive) which mark astronomical events and it appears ancient. That’s …

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